Please read through our policy and terms of service.

Before Service Policy

Our company, Absolute Pool Services, and its owner, Scott Garland, try to provide service to almost all areas of Southwest Florida. Depending on the location of the home wanting service, we may refuse service to certain people. These are rare cases, but do occasionally happen.

We, the company and the owner, also hold the final judgment before accepting a job. We may refuse a contract based upon our assessment of labor and possible future frustration. These again are rare situations, but in some cases, we have to refuse a home.

We offer a review us and contact us section on our website, but cannot guarantee these links or our response. We cannot make promises about these links, but do want to hear from our community. If you cannot reach us, please try to call.

When a customer desires our services, they are agreeing with our before, during, and after service policy.

During Service Policy

During service, the customer is promising to pay their monthly payments on time through our online payment method (or by other means if agreed upon by the owner). If the customer refuses to make payments or is consistently late, it is up to the owner whether to continue or disconnect your service.

Our schedule is set up to provide you the best quality service on a bi-monthly (every other week) plan. It is our desire to do a complete service at every visit. This schedule my be subject to change, if we decide to in the future.

At any time, the customer or our company may decide to back out of the contract for personal or confidential reasons.

Our company and owner does not guarantee that your pool will never need repairs or special servicing. Every pool over time needs some level of repairs and fixes, in which case, we will try to help our customers with these issues.

Our company and owner does not guarantee the safety of pools in general or the chemicals that we use. Customers should take caution in their personal property and use safety in all areas of their pool and equipment. They should also use caution with the chemicals used in your pool. It is up to the customer to understand your pool and your safety when using it.

We also do not promise a perfect pool between visits. If your pool is not under a cage, if it’s overground, if it has a bug problem, or if you have a pump issue, your pool WILL GET EXTRA DIRTY between cleanings. We cannot fix these issues, but will do our best to clean and service your pool on our visits. By nature, your pool will collect some dirt and leaves and we will handle these issues during our service appointments every other week.

After Service Policy

If a customer’s account is canceled or removed, our company and the owner can decide whether they will finish your current month of cleaning or not.

Absolute Pool Services and the owner, Scott Garland, cannot be held accountable for their personal decision about their company, products, and services.

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